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About Us


4M Karaoke started in 1995 in Central Illinois. 


 Between 1995 and 2004, we hosted regular weekly shows including the Bombay Bicycle Club of Bloomington, Christine's in Illiopolis and  Buck's Tavern in Dawson. Prior to 1995, I was a DJ for a national DJ service where I received multiple awards. 4M Karaoke was also interviewed for a national Karaoke magazine. Prior to karaoke, I was a "regular" DJ beginning in 1984.

 In December of 2004, I moved to Rathdrum, Idaho and once again built a following of singers, with music in a wide variety of styles and genres.

 From 2005 to 2010, I hosted a several venues including Chillers, Lakers Inn, and Ponderosa GC Clubhouse, and frequently "guest hosted" the "Karaoke by Marj" show at The Corner Bar in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

 Since returning to the Eastern Shore, I have hosted the weekly shows at The Salty Dog Country Bar and Grill (formerly Shucker's Roadhouse) and The Exmore Sage Lounge. I have recently added The SHANTY to my list of venues.

 Other places I have hosted include Barracuda Pub, The TCB Lounge, and Yuk-yuk & Joes.


Our Song List


The heart of our operation is our song list! We assembled our song list with a great deal of care, and believe you will find it to be one of the best around.
 You will find songs here that you rarely run across on other lists. Where many shows selections start with “#9 Dream” and end with “Ziggy Stardust” (which is fine of course), our list starts with “#1 Crush” and ends with “Zoot Suit Riot”. Of course, we have a LOT of other songs in between too.

 We have karaoke songs in genres ranging from showtunes, duets, parodies, rock, rap, country, pop, Gospel, children's songs, spanish, standards, classic rock, 80's, and everything else! 


 Printed Song Books are a thing of the past!

We have implemented the Super Remote Terminal kiosk which allows me to update the song listing without reprinting or adding "update pages" to the end of the book. This means you always have an up-to-date list of all the songs in our collection!

It's fast, easy, and FUN to use! Just follow the on-screen prompts at the terminal

Step 1: Type in your FULL NAME... This helps to distinguish you in the history file from the other "Joe"s that sign up

Step 2: Search the song database by clicking on SEARCH SONGS...
             This is much easier than using Artist or Title search.
              * You do NOT have to enter the full title or artist name.

Step 3: Select the song you would like to sing, change the key if desired

Step 4: Click SUBMIT to Submit the song to your KJ right from the Kiosk!

You are automatically placed in the singing rotation! It's as simple as that!

For users with smart phones, you can also perform all of these tasks right from your Smartphone!
Ask us for the URL to log into, and search and submit all of your song selections right from your table!

** For those that insist on looking through pages,
there are terminals loaded with a PDF version of the books

We have something for everyone

Every gender - Every age - Every genre.


From Sinatra to Adele, we have songs in every genre and style, including, but not limited to, Country, R&B, Pop, Rock & Roll, Blues, Folk, Jazz, New Age, Folk, Alternative, Heavy Metal, and Inspirational. Our list includes a large selection of songs in Spanish, as well as a few in other languages.

Tired of seeing the lyrics "disappear" from the screen or become garbled as you sing? Our songs have been checked for readability.


Don't like being tied to the "stage" by a corded mincrophone? We use 4 high quality wireless mics to allow you to work the crowd or sing from your seat.



Is the song in the wrong key for you? Too high or low for your voice? We can change the key up or down to fit you!



Is it not the version you are used to? We can try a different version.



Remember that song you tried 6 months ago that everyone loved? No? We do! Every song is stored in a singer history file for future reference.


"What does 4M stand for?"

When I began working as a DJ in 1984 at the base club where I was stationed in Alaska, I was unable to come up with a "catchy" name. I asked the patrons to help me come up with one and after a week of suggestions, it was decided I would be known as Madd Mapp's Music Machine". Once I left the military club scene, I shortened it to 4M Productions, and when I went strictly karaoke, it became 4M Karaoke.




Our Equipment

 Our current setup includes a fully computerized system running on a custom built computer. Our host software is Karma, by Latshaw Systems. The software allows for rapid selection of media, key change, quick "wrong version/wrong song" correction, tempo control, and sync adjustment, as well as being able to tracking singer song history.

  Our "standard" setup includes 4 wireless microphones. Our system is capable of running a much larger group of singers with additional channels and microphones available.

 The sound is amplified by a 600w Peavy amplifier into a pair of Pro-Audio speakers. A Fender 12 is in use as a monitor to help the singer to hear him/herself.

 Show lighting currently consists of an American DJ light bar, Chauvet LEDSplash, and a moonflower effect light. Smoke effects are also available.

 ESVA's Best Karaoke!





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