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Karaoke Etiquette Ö

  1. Please donít come up and ask, ďDo you have ÖĒ. UNLESS you have already checked the kiosk. PLEASE CHECK THE KIOSK FIRST.

  2. Donít ask me to get you up soon because you have to leave. (see below) I have done that in the past for people and when they donít leave, I get angry. But donít worry, I turn redÖ not green. OK, I may accommodate you, but donít burn me!

  3. This is especially aggravatingÖ Do not try to come up and sing with every singer. I wonít turn your mic on, and the singer may key your car. The rule is Ö If you have a song in the rotation, you can sing a duet with someone else once during that rotation.

  4. Do Not yell into the microphone, tap on it with your fingers, swing it around by the cord, or come up staggering drunk (even though itís the only way youíll come up to sing). I respect your effort for singing, so respect my equipment. Thank you

   5. If I donít have a song  (and only if you donít see on the kiosk-ref #1) ask me and Iíll try to get it. Please donít ask if you donít plan on coming back to the show.

   6. Not to contradict myself, but in the case of #1, you may ask if I have a song if it wasnít there last time and you requested I get it. I may have obtained it, but not entered it in the database yet.

  7. Sing into the mic and hold it close to your mouth (within 1 to 3 inches). This is especially true if you donít have a strong voice. This will help make you sound better.

      Feedback can occur when you hold the mic too far away, if you cup your hand around the windscreen, or if you get too close to a speaker.

  8. Do not cup the mic. If you want more reverb or echo (there is a difference) I can provide that. Artificially trying to create reverb can cause feedback, too.

  9. Try to relax behind the mic. Drinking does help that. Your vocal chords tighten under stress., and that doesnít help your voice.


 Commandments of KaraokeÖ

1. Applaud All Performances

  • You should applaud for every performer. If a performance is not up to your expectations, you should applaud the performer's courage and not react in a critical or otherwise discouraging way.

2. Do Not Embarrass Others

  • Do not heckle performers.
  • Do not make derogatory, defamatory or embarrassing remarks about the performers, KJ, and wait staff.
  • Do not turn in a song request for someone else without their knowledge or permission. 
  • Do not swear while you are in close proximity to a microphone, the stage, or performer.

3. Do Not Join In Without Permission

  • Do not join a performer without his or her permission.
  •  You MUST obtain a performer's permission to sing a duet before committing them to sing or getting up to sing with them.

4. Do Not Misuse Equipment or Books

  • Handle microphones with extra care. Not only are they sensitive to sound, but expensive.
  • Do Not point the head of the microphone toward the speakers, or yell into the microphone.
  • Do not swing the microphone by its cord, or use it for jumping rope.
  • Do Not put your drink or anything else on the look-up kiosk. Electronics and liquids do not mix... Leave them at your table.

5. Tip Your Waitpersons Generously

  • If you have received satisfactory service, express your thanks by graciously and generously tipping those who have caused the pleasurable experience.

"When am I going to sing next?"

 - Rotation ExplainedÖ

My job as your host is to ensure that everyone who wants to sing will have the opportunity to sing. I do my best to keep a fair rotation going with first-come, first-served ordering. All new singers are added to the end of the current rotation. Each time you sing your selection, your next song will be placed on the bottom of the rotation. Itís important that you give me a new song slip each time you are called up to the stage. You are permitted to put in more than one request at a time. If you hand a song slip in at a later time, I will insert your slip in its proper place in the stack. Remember, only you can control whether you skip a rotation or not.

* Don't expect to get to sing if you show up 30 minutes before the scheduled end of the show, you probably won't.

Listen For Your Name To Be Called!

If you have signed up to sing, please listen for your name to be called.

I will call for the singer 3 times and if you do not come to the stage, you will be skipped.

** Sometimes it can be difficult to hear over the other customers in the venue.

If you see someone who is being called up that doesn't look like they heard, let them know!

Duets, Group Songs and Stage Names:

1. Keep in mind that in a duet or group song, if one of the singers is a ďnewĒ singer, it's up to the host whether it is treated as new or not.

2. Stage names are fine, but include your real name on the slip for the hostís convenience.

3. Signing up each individual in a group as a separate singer and then having the rest of the group join in may be counted as a turn for ALL involved. Repeated attempts will result in your removal from the rotation for the remainder of the night. If you have a song in the rotation, you can sing as a duet/group with someone else ONCE during that rotation.

*** Duets and Groups will be counted as a turn in a rotation for all singers on busy nights.***

Reasons to sing next that don't work:

#1: "I'm leaving soon."

#2: "My <relative/friend> is here from <wherever> and wants to hear me sing before they leave."

#3: "Here's 50 bucks." (ok, this MIGHT work)

#4: "I'll buy you a drink."

#5: "I'm in a band and I sing GREAT." (do you have a gold or platinum album?)

#6: "I need to sing before I pass out."(Öand you want to handle my expensive equipment??)

#7: "I have to go wash my (hair, laundry, dog, car, dishes...etc)"

#8: "I'm getting lucky tonight!"

#9: "I just got here."

#10: "I'll get you fired 'cause I'm a good friend of the <owner/manager/bartender>"

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